Blackberry Unlock Code Generator Calcuator For You?
Are you a wholesaler, mobile phone distributors, cell shop owners or eBay seller? Become a direct source, and have the tools that will enable you to generate your BlackBerry unlock codes for FREE After paying a one time purchase price for the stand alone software.

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Unlock BlackBerry By IMEI+MEP

Simply type in the IMEI number with MEP number, and instantly your seconds your BlackBerry unlock code appears! We support over 250 MEPS~
Unlocking BlackBerry with IMEI & MEP numbers

BlackBerry By IMEI+PRD

Type in your IMEI + PRD number. It can be found from the customer looking under the battery in their BlackBerry and instantly get your unlock code. We Support Thousands of PRD numbers.


Get All Codes

Type in your IMEI + PRD number where you can easily get from the customer looking under the battery and instantly get your unlock code. We Support Thousands of PRD numbers.

Get All Codes(MEP1/MEP2/MEP3/MEP4/MEP5)

Check to see if IMEI is Valid

If wrong IMEI input

100% Standalone calculator

Software works by itself on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Unlock BlackBerry Remotely!

No need to have the handset in your hands!

Unlock BlackBerry With Handset

The software will read the IMEI+MEP and give you the correct unlock code if you should have the BlackBerry handset in your hands.


  • No logs, no credits, no occurring fees
  • Never buy codes again, one time software fee, that's it, not re-occuring
  • Supports The Newest Blackberries 9980, 9930, 9900, Torch, Bold, Curve Pearl .
  • Calculate all MEP locks -Stand Alone (Phone Not Present)
  • Calculate with PRD number- Stand Alone (Phone Not Present)
  • Read Phone Data, and obtain unlock code (Phone Present, or Customer Gives information)
  • UNLIMITED unlocking
  • IMEI valid check
  • Displays code on PC